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Tribute to Dead Gentleman EP

by Tribute to Dead Gentleman

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all songs written by dead gentleman,
except 2, written by Darko Kraljić and Božidar Timotijević


released June 1, 2017

Sharla EP/DR010, Skopje 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: You Lost The Music
praise the light that never fades
and follow the dream that rolls into
strange kind of you
dead gentleman
oh, dead gentleman

standing on the wave that dance away
to the hollow hills
and for dandelions' play
where you lost the music
cause you are dead gentleman
dead gentleman

it is the willow
the light never fades
in the shadow of
so many storylines
it's where you lost the music
oh, why you lost the music

to the golden eternity
close encounters
with the being we'll always be

behind the curtains
pictures never seen
of boys and villains
of you and me
cause you are dead gentleman
because you are dead gentleman
Track Name: Devojko mala(silver state)
devojko mala
pesmo moga grada
sto si mi dala
srce puno sna

o, sto se setih
kisu da ti kupim
i oblak mali
pod koji stojim ja

nemoj da budis
oci moje snene
kad kisa pada
ti si oblak sna

devojko mala
pesmo moga grada
tvoju bih senku
vecno da ljubim ja
Track Name: Ride The Light
come riding tiger, oh innocent
heaven sends the beauty in your eyes
over and over for little less
turning the upside down

come closer whispering the woman's tale
playing the rite of spring
the game is act of deliverance
invoking the inherent vice

off goes the crown
off goes the weeping song
it's coming up
the better way

I've got the crown
you've got the weeping song

over the sacred line
the sweetest tenderness
ride the light

oh run run run run to the coast
through the blaze of glory
through the cross
it's where the wind is waiting
and voices plead

oh come come come to the sea
it's where the stories tends to be
sad waters whispering
slowly goes the night

come sail your ship around the faith
burning the bridges to the glade
off goes the sorrow
off goes the self
Track Name: Cold Black Wave
what's left of reality
is a matter of style
it's where you boil your legs
or is it reverse?

do you remember the first time?
your playground love
white nights over russia

it's right time for a ride
colliding lies took a bow
it's where the glowing eyes are alive
and under control

this is a story of a burning man
and traces of light others to follow
drifting days are the hollow that brings the wall
substance of fear is where the road is ending

the borderline is here
the borderline is here

no one rise
no one rise

off goes the light
song for the deaf
it's inevitable
cold black wave

this is a dream of a failed europian fairy tale
dance, just dance and don't turn back
fall apart or be the one with it
dance, ust dance and don't come back
Track Name: Newborn
there is a loner
everyone's a loner
over my body
silence keeps its promises

burdens of Eden
storytelling never ends
bees are playing lullaby
oh, sweet memory

like swimming
movements in a shallow bay
all the way

oh where is going?
it's in the air
rise and rise and rise
to the end of time

up and down
up and down
the way it comes back a newborn